Painters Bluff

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Welcome to Painters Bluff

Long ago, people traveling through this country, looking for a place to settle down, found a lush green area in the area now considered southern Kentucky and northern Tennessee. Rich fields for farms, beautiful timberlands, hills, streams and rivers -- places where families could live, work, and grow.

No one knows exactly who gave the little settlement its name. Most folks agree it came from an oil painter who fell in love with the wooded hills banking the creek, where changing seasons brought an array of colors begging to be put on canvas.

The little village of Painters Bluff is home to several hundred people now, yet it remains a scenic, old-fashioned community. Although they try to keep with the times to an extent, the folks who live there love the quaint small-town charm of their home.

I hope to document life in Painters Bluff through this blog. My assistant P.L. has agreed to be my partner in this venture. I hope you'll enjoy visiting and come back to Painters Bluff often.